Rosalie Ann Humphries


Ann has been a member of Kineton Art Group for more than ten years and during that time she has been an enthusiastic and hard-working committee member serving as Chairman, Secretary and Exhibition Organiser.

Ann cannot remember a time when she was not involved in art and craft. She was lucky enough to study art part-time for a year in Oxford. This was extremely enjoyable and most useful when she began teaching, which she did in Africa for seventeen years. During that time, Ann taught children aged 3 to 7 years and also trainee teachers. It was a wonderful and deeply satisfying period in her life.

Ann enjoys trying all sorts of materials and subjects both traditional and unusual. During her African years her paintings were usually miniatures on soapstone, leaves and cloth, or large wall paintings in emulsions and acrylic. Most of these works were commissioned. Ann says she has never tired of painting botanical style watercolours of beautiful flowers and birds native to both Africa and Britain. She has had great pleasure in working in the new, to her, mediums and techniques of Chinese inks, pastel and oils. She also enjoys creating cartoons, especially for Christmas and greetings cards.

Although she has always loved painting, it is only since retiring that she has been able to paint more regularly. She enjoys exhibiting her work and is always pleased when any of her paintings are sold as this helps to clear space at home!

Ann is happy to accept commissions on any subject, from animals to buildings, and can be contacted by e.mailing