Graeme Bassett

Graeme Bassett was born in Huntingdonshire. He attended Ramsey Grammar School where he developed an interest in art. During this time he bought his first simple camera and developed his first film.

After leaving school he qualified as a primary school teacher at Bretton Hall, West Yorkshire where he studied painting and sculpture. The grounds of the college also provided many opportunities to take landscape photographs and to paint.

He began his teaching career just outside Peterborough. During his career he endeavoured to inspire children to paint and to make pottery.

He was head teacher at two primary schools in Warwickshire where he taught for a period of 24 years. He was then appointed as a primary school lead inspector for Ofsted.

He is now retired and continues to paint in acrylic, pastels and oil paints, taking his inspiration for his paintings from the landscape around his home and also from his visits to other parts of the UK. He began the Kineton Camera Club and was chair of this club for over 15 years and enjoys taking landscape photographs to support his sketching of subjects used in his paintings.

Graeme is a member of Kineton Art Group and is currently the exhibition coordinator for the KAG exhibitions and sale of work in May and October. He also organises the KAG Afternoon Group that meets on Mondays.