John Feilding

John Feilding is a mainly self taught artist. He started painting in1988/9 at night classes organised by Brighton College.

Having completed these classes, it was suggested that he join the Sussex Art Club in Brighton. Here he learnt to draw from life models. He also painted still life subjects. John was offered a place at Brighton College but was unable to take it up.

His work was exhibited at Brighton Exhibition.

John has painted scenery for a photographic agency.

He has always been creative in his approach to his work. When planning woodlands for clients he has looked to feature colour in his tree mix to complement the blossoms in spring and the reds in the autumn.

He has also designed houses and leisure activities for clients.

After moving to Radway in 2008, John became a member of Kineton Art Group.

John prefers to work with acrylics and oils and he says that, with the help and support of other members of the Group, his work is improving.